Link Description Cost
Raspberry Pi Small board, and low cost, there is a Kali Linux that is designed to run on it, but pretty slow processor $25
PwnPlug/Pad/etc Plug is a based off a Sheeva plug with an attack distro (ubuntu based) installed on it. Looks a lot like a wall wart. $995
BeagleBoard Black Description Needed $45
Hak5 Rubber Ducky A USB stick that acts as a keyboard, types out payloads quickly and automatically. $36
Hak5 Wifi Pineapple Wireless attack router $99
Odroid X2 More RAM than the Pi (2GB) $135
Udoo Comparable with the Odroid X2 / Pwn Plug and Raspbery Pi $100
GoodFet/Facedancer A open source JTAG adapter “loosely based upon the TI MSP430 FET UIF and EZ430U boards”. The Facedancer board allows you to emulate USB devices so that one host can manipulate the USB devices or services of a second host. The Goodfet boards are an earlier edition of the Facedancer boards but are more general purpose, supporting JTAG and, with recent additions, USB to become a universal serial bus. $70 Facedancer21
$50 GoodFET42


Web Apps

Code Repos

Link Description
Panoptic Finds exploitable paths for LFI and RFI
Daniel Miessler’s SecLists Repo Solid repository of word lists for every occasion